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Maca Talk: F.A.Q.'s: Sports Nutrition Related


This page lists (3) questions and answers related to maca used in sports and active lifestyles, performance enhancement, drug testing, etc.

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#1- Maca Question:

Is the powder the most cost-effective way of taking the maca? What about the tincture with respect to bang for buck?

Also, I am going to Mexico for two months of field work and then to Spain for six weeks to hike across northern Spain. What do you suggest as the best way to take my maca under these traveling/ field work conditions. I need the most cost effective way due to my student budget, but I'm not sure the bulk powder would be practical?

#1- Maca Magic Answer:
Well, we take the maca powder traveling with us- you can dump it into juices of all kinds and sometimes we use it warmed up so its a nice product to have along with you. However, for a compact and light wieght product, you might try our maca tablets; they are the smallest form and also effective. We still think Maca magic whole raw powders are the best nutrition wise and also the most economical. Enjoy the mountains! send us a post card!

#2- Maca Question:

I would like to know if Maca is allowed or not under the IAAF- (International Association of Athletics Federations)? In other words, will I test postive for doping?

#2- Maca Magic Answer:
I don't think Maca is listed. It's a vegetable, related to the radish.

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#3- Maca Question:

I have two boys who are active soccer players...

One is entering his second year at Jacksonville University (Division 1) and the other is entering his senior year in high school (Winter Park, Florida). Since soccer is a sport requiring endurance, would Maca be appropriate for the boys? Please keep in mind that the NCAA is strict when it comes to supplements taken by athletes. Would Maca be permissible to take according to the NCAA? I must be absolutely certain, since Jason and the rest of the JU soccer team are randomly tested for drugs.

#3- Maca Magic Answer:
Many athletes do use Maca and it has been shown to increase endurance levels. It is a vegetable so there are no "drug" restrictions in its use. However, we DO NOT recommend maca for young athletes! Aside from increasing endurance it also increases libido, sperm count, semen volume and sexual capabilities. Your boys might run faster, but they will be distracted by the extra "lead" in their shorts and may become obsessed trying to score more than just soccer goals... Not to mention, a lot of undue strain on the balls.

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