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Maca Talk: Questions and Answers about Maca root - Archived


Here you will find an organized collection of questions, answers, and commentary about Peruvian maca root (lepidium peruvianum) and associated health topics.

Maca Magic product particulars and general questions about Maca root:

Maca Magic particulars: Which products to choose, Quality comments/ Product and brand comparisons, Why choose Maca Magic?, Ordering questions, Macafe related, Regarding powders, capsules, or liquids.

Maca Root Generalities: About maca root, Storage issues, Dosage recommendations & potency, Organic vs. raw or gelatinized?, Cooking information

Women's issues, HRT, etc.:

Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) and balancing, Birth control, pregnancy, & breastfeeding, Menopause, Estrogen replacement, hysterectomies, breast cancer, and more.

Adrenal & endochrine system related:

Our product: Adrenalift, Regarding hyperthyroidism, Relating to libido, energy, & stress.

Sexual health & libido related (both sexes):

Effects on libido and sexual performance, why its called the natural Viagra, female effects, etc.

Sports nutrition related, etc:

Effects on athletic performance, maca in the field, drug testing, etc.

Side effects, concerns, how maca works/ mixes with other substances, etc:

The effects of maca on an assortment of health issues, Side effects, How it works/ mixes with other substances, herbs, etc.


Many people have asked us many kinds of questions about Maca over the years. It wasn't long before we decided to archive them so everyone could benefit from the previously asked questions of others.

Click a category of interest to see the related questions, answers, and commentary.

The categories are broad in nature and some overlap categories on other pages of our archives, so explore as many as you can to become an expert...

In Maca_root we trust...

Maca Talk
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