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Maca Talk: F.A.Q.'s: Adrenal & Endochrine System Related


This page lists assorted questions, answers, and commentary related to Maca and its effects on the adrenals and endochrine system. The categories are broad in nature and some overlap categories on other pages of our archives, so explore as many as you can to become an expert...

Our Product: Adrenalift | Regarding Hyperthyroidism | Relating to Libido, Energy, & Stress

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Our Product: Adrenalift

#1- Maca Question:

Would Adrenalift be okay for a person to take if they haven't had tests done for adrenal exhaustion, but who has all the symptoms of it?

Also, is it ok for a person under 40 to take? How does it compare to DHEA? Will it cause my body to make more estrogen and testosterone?

#1- Maca Magic Answer:
Adrenalift formula can be used by men or women to support adrenal function. In women it's shown to be as safe and effective as maca root. It's fast acting, most people feel it within a few minutes, and we do not recommend you take very much of it until you understand the feeling and action of the herbs in your own system. For example it's possible to feel the herbs within the first few minutes and later in the day as well-several hours later. It is very different than DHEA, and works in an entirely different way.

For more information about Adrenalift, go here

#2- Maca Question:

Is there a limit as to how long a person can take Adrenalift liquid? Any links or places on your site re use of maca for hyperthyroidism?

#2- Maca Magic Answer:
Adrenalift can be used intermittently as needed. There are no established guidelines. Typical recommendation would be to use the product for 5-7 days then allow 2-3 days off. After one month of use, take a full week off. Naturally there are people who use the herbs continuously, however we are of the mind to utilize them as support tonics as needed during times of stress or other environmental or emotional factors, unless recommended by a Doctor. Maca and the adrenalift compound are rich in alkaloids, saponins and precursors to DHEA, shown to support endocrine function. These are effective and useful phytochemicals that are especially concentrated in the adrenalift tinctures. Extended continuous use should not be needed unless recommended by an Endocrinologist. Enjoy them and in moderation.

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Regarding Hyperthyroidism:

#1- Maca Question:

Any links or places on your site re use of maca for hyperthyroidism?

#1- Maca Magic Answer:
We don't know about any studies that speak to maca and Hyperthyroidism. As you probably know, Maca does have a strong effect on the endocine sytem in general... it could be possible that it could even exacerbate the problem. We have known people who have had the thyroid irradiated, or were on various thyroid medications, and they reacted strongly to maca. Both good and bad.

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#2- Maca Question:

Do you have any information regarding any use of maca for hypothyroid function, or are you aware of any studies regarding it?

...I am a Nutritional Consultant in private practice and a student at Bauman College in northern California. I also research and write for Dr. Edward Bauman, the founder and director. One of the school's distance learning mentors uses your maca product for menopausal symptoms and has found it to be wonderful. I am currently researching Hashimoto's Thyroiditis and am wondering if you're aware of any actual research utilizing maca for its symptoms, or for hypothyroid symptoms in general? Mary Shomon's thyroid site has some testimonials from readers, but that is all I have found so far.

Datis Kharrazian from Apex Energetics says not to use maca, because it up regulates the Th1 immune response, which is also responsible for Hashimoto's. I have found studies corroborating Th1 cytokines involved in Hashimoto's but nothing about maca’s immune stimulating effects.

#2- Maca Magic Answer:
These are good questions, but difficult to answer. We wish you would help put together a study! We will fund it!

Here is some data that we have assembled that touches on your topic, but not sure, it will help much... Many benefits attributed to maca, which are still unexplained by scientific investigation, yet which are supported by large amounts of anecdotal evidence, may ultimately be explained by the hypothalamus-pituitary connection noted by Dr. Chacón. It cannot be overstated how significant this connection is when considering why maca improves some thyroid conditions.

Consider the following:

In other cases, several women who began taking maca magic powder for moderate to severe menopausal symptoms reported that they were able to reduce their thyroid medication or even stop it entirely in a few cases after taking maca for two to three months. The thyroid was underactive in all of these cases. The women were taking either Armour Thyroid or Synthoid. After a month or two they began experiencing symptoms of an overactive thyroid. Then they reduced the medication and the symptoms went away. Some of the women were able to stabilize their condition at 50% of their former dosage and some stopped their medication completely.

It should be noted that these women made these changes gradually and under the supervision of their healthcare provider. Constant monitoring and gradual adjustments are necessary to not shock the thyroid and aggravate the condition. In addition, these anecdotal cases do not suggest that maca will benefit all people with thyroid problems.


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#3- Maca Question:

I have Hypothyroidism. How could it affect me if I were to start taking maca root?

A friend referred me to your website after she heard about it, because she had noticed how much hair loss I have been having. She is my hairdresser. Anyhow, I am 38 years old and unfortunately have had a lot of stress in my life right now, so I attribute my major hair loss to that, but also it IS a symptom from my thyroid condition as well, but I had never experienced THIS much hair loss in my many years of thyroid disease. I am going to go in and be rechecked and visit with my doctor about my condition (regarding hair loss) but not sure if I want to ask about Maca Root as I am afraid he might be one of those doctors that totally refrains from recommending any kind of holistic or herbal remedies.

So I wanted to ask you if you were aware of anything in regards to Hypothyroidism (complete opposite of the Hyperthyroidism) and its possible affects. I take a medication called Synthroid if that helps to know? I truly will be willing to try this as I do not want to loose anymore hair than I have to. The stress unfortunately isn't going to go away anytime soon either I fear. I am also suffering from depression a bit, as is my husband who has been on meds for so long, so I truly want to get it for him if not me as well.

Also, if you say I can try this, what form of Maca Root would you recommend for me in regards to my hair loss, depression, and lack of energy as well? And for my husband for his depression? I look forward to hopefully trying your product?

#3- Maca Magic Answer:
Maca has a very specific action on the entire endocrine system. The chance of maca interacting with the medication you specified is unknown. Drug/ herb interaction can be very serious. However, maca is considered a food and if your doctor believes foods such as the broccoli or radish family are safe for you, then you might consider a small amounts of maca. Or, if you visit a licensed ND they will usually have more understanding of a whole person, holistic regime and support your choices. What they might not know yet, however, is how specific and profound maca is for the endocrine in general. We have noticed in people who have thyroid problems to react strongly to maca, and many only require very small doses.

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Relating to Libido, Energy, & Stress

#1- Maca Question:

Is maca suitable for an 18 year old male for his stress due to studies and exams?

Maca Magic Answer:
Maca is often used that way, and it works well for many people, however, I would not give it to such a young person for a term longer than 3-4 days. For one, at 18 years old he probably doesn't need to increase his libido at all. Second, maca is a great tonic and can rebuild bodies, but your son is probably already in good health, only lacking in some nutrients because of pushing himself mentally, or not eating correctly.

Maca might help him feel better almost right away, but for long term use you might be better off trying high quality "plant-based" B-vitamins, or something energizing and soothing like "spirulina" or "blue green algae". Any of the green super foods would be good as well. I have personally found a great benefit with the algae some years ago when I was very stressed. And yes, give him a bottle of maca on his 38th birthday, he will thank you for it then!

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#2- Maca Question:

I am using zantrex-3 for a diet aid and that gives me lots of energy already.  I am more interested in the hormonal and endocrine balancing. I do not have hot flashes.  I am interested in the libido effect, too.  I have not noticed that yet. Do I still take the 40 drops once a day for those things?

#2- Maca Magic Answer:
You should notice more energy and mental clarity right away. If you are using for hormonal balancing, it may take up to three months to see the full effects of maca. You will feel it subtly when it is working. You can take 1-2 droppers full at a time 1-3 times a day as needed for energy.

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